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Our Equiptment

Triangle Labs is now the only company in the world with a precision LDI that is 48″ wide x 96″ long, enabling lines and spaces of .002″ and .002″ on the largest panel size in the industry.

Our “super precision” Schmoll-Maschinen driller/routers are the most advanced in the PCB fabrication world. Custom built with accuracy beyond all class standards, we are consistently pushing the boundaries of design.

In 2017, Triangle Labs upgraded it’s entire Clean/Develop/Etch/Strip line with all new Chemcut equipment. All 48″ wide, and ready to accept a full panel.

Our precision optical and non-contact Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is accurate down to .00001″. This incredible precision allows for complete print verification, accurate feature measurement, and the most comprehensive QC and First Article reporting in the business.

Triangle Labs operates 2 cutting edge Laser Direct Imaging machines (LDI) and our custom, “smaller” machine is our most precise. It is the only double sided, 2 headed, simultaneous imaging machine, with a 39″ x 39″ platform, that prints less than 2 mil lines and spaces.

Our PLURITEC MEGA driller/routers are absolutely essential to our daily operations. The workhorses of our drilling department, they have the precision of a smaller machine, but in a 50” x 114” platform.